Windsurfing Courses

Our lessons are aimed at beginners, improvers, and advanced windsurfers. For more advanced sailors we are happy to take you windsurfing from various locations of Dovercourt beach or adjacent, the Quiver centre windsurfing lake depending on your own sailing ability and what you wish to learn. We can guarantee we will improve your windsurfing fast, whatever level you're at!!

Windsurfing Theory


Beginner (Level 1) - where you'll be after

  • Learn how the components of the board and rig are made up
  • How to assess your environment (wind/sailing theory)
  • Basic on land demonstration

Thats it on land - lets get you in the water!

  • Secure position - the starting position for everything else
  • Tack/Gybe - this is so you can turn around, sorry you can't sail off into the sunset!
  • Sailing across the wind
  • Steering
  • Posture
  • Ongoing thorough analysis to make you a flawless beginner

The above will take a day to learn - 2 sessions of 3 hours which you can do in one hit, or separately.

3 Hours - £39

2 x 3 hours - £69

1 on 1 tuition allows you to get the Instructor's attention and feedback 100% of the time, which is going to be more beneficial to your personal progression.

Level 1 - 3 hours £54

2 x 3 hours - £95

The prices include your wetsuit, bouyancy aid and kit hire so all you need is yourself, a towel and a good attitude!

Improver/Intermediate (Level 2)

  • Beach start
  • Fast tack/Flare gybes
  • Planing
  • Basic harness line work
  • Inboard footstrap work

What's even better is we charge the same for Level 2 as we do Level 1!

Advanced (Level 3 and beyond) - 1 on 1 tuition only

  • Outboard footstrap work
  • Water starts
  • Carve gybes
  • Chop hops

This is the basis of Level 3 but Quiver will also get you duck gybing, geckos and footstrap 360's to name a few if you're feeling super confident.
All this for only £26 per hour!

Remember we can take you out on the harbour, the sea or both!

Free pictures & Gopro video of you windsurfing with every lesson.

More Windsurfing Lesson Video's



Looking for something a little different for your hen or stag do, or you want to bond as a team at work? Then look no further. You can opt for a 3 hour session of windsurfing or if you're feeling energetic then a full day! Those booking a full day will get lunch included in the price!
PLUS the best windsurfer of the day or the bride/groom to be will get a case of beers, or a bottle of fizz and a certificate - something to start your celebrations with!

Call now on 07590 620494 or email us at for a tailor made price based on your specific requirements - we want it to be the best event for you!