The kit we use

At Quiver Windsurfing, we use a range of 2016 Goya boards and sails.

It feels right for us to use the Goya brand because Francisco Goya is a family man.  Goya and his team riders have an immense passion for windsurfing and its culture - an inspiration to anyone in the sport, or newcomers to it. A great deal of time, precision and pride go into making the boards and sails, just have a look at the video on this page to see for yourself!

Plus he a really sound guy, very humble and makes time for everyone.

Quiver Windsurfing share these exact values as a flexible, retail independent school which is why we are the school for you!

Beginners Boards

"the focus of this board is to get anyone a fast entry into the windsurfing feeling and allowing every rider to keep improving on the same board." -

The board is also popular because of the Stand up Paddle qualities, so if you want to take a little break from windsurfing, lets pop the sail off and we can teach you the basics of Paddle Boarding too, all in the price of course!!

Beginners Sails

"The sail is the perfect choice for learning to up haul and for learning the basic principals of sailing."

"A full head batten and a short leech batten provide stability in both light and strong winds."

Advanced Boards

The Carrera Freeride and air freestyle boards for advance lessons.

"If you want to see with how little wind you can get planing and keep planing, trimming up-wind, racing down wind, this is the board.
We can all go as fast as our friends, it is just a matter if you have the right gear."

Advanced Sails

We have a range of goya sails to work well with boards


Safety Vests

A tour of Goya

Join Francisco in a tour of their home

More Windsurfing Videos